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Our Story

Da Kine Hawaiian

Da Kine Hawaiian -- A locally owned business, deeply rooted in Hawaii since 2007, brings a special brand of gourmet condiments heavily inspired by the unique flavors of local Hawaiian cuisine; a cuisine that this family was practically raised on. It’s truly an authentic Hawaiian influence you can taste.

Our brand strives to offer healthier alternatives with low sodium, no MSG, gluten free, and no HFCS products. Crafted to meet the current taste trends, everyone has a chance to enjoy them in their everyday cooking and grilling.

Pronounced “duh kyne” and commonly used in local Hawaiian speech, the meaning of “Da Kine” is used to describe someone or something as “the one,” “the best,” or “the good one.” We like the sound of that.

Meet our BBQ sauces. Best used on ribs, pork, chicken, seafood, sandwiches, and more, these saucy products are made using real pineapple juice in their formulas featuring a wonderfully tangy and surprisingly sweet flavor that also serves as a great marinade for tough meats on the bone. Acid in the pineapple juice serves as a natural tenderizer and helps to break down the protein, which makes the meat fall right off the bone.

Da Rub gourmet seasonings are uniquely crafted all purpose seasonings, made with a hint of coffee. Yep, the coffee gives a toasted flavor to meats and also serves as a natural tenderizer all while being low sodium, no MSG, and gluten free.

Our island flavor inspired syrups are not only delicious, but are a healthier choice to enjoy your pancakes, waffles, ice cream, desserts, and as a marinade, as they contain no high fructose syrup. Try our tropical pancake mixes too!

Da Kine Hawaiian Hot Sauces, Island Dressing, Macadamia Nut Oils, along with Ka’u, Waialua, and Kona Coffees, are all available to be delivered right to you...with aloha...today.

Our Ohana