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KHON2 Featured News Segment: Celebrating National Hot and Spicy Day with Da Kine Hawaiian

KHON2 Featured News Segment: Celebrating National Hot and Spicy Day with Da Kine Hawaiian

In honor of National Hot and Spicy Day, Da Kine Hawaiian, a family-owned business with a 17-year history, joined Living808 today. Known for infusing the essence of Hawaii into its products, the brand delivers a unique local flair. Kelly got a taste of the delicious sauces today with Vanessa, who brought an assortment of hot wings.

Their product lineup features a range of enticing options, including a low-sodium Spicy Rub and three distinctive hot sauces – Original Hot, Hot Mustard, and Hot Soy – all enriched with the tropical touch of pineapple juice. The Spicy BBQ Sauce stands out with its absence of high fructose corn syrup, while the commitment to avoiding MSG ensures that flavor takes the spotlight.

For those looking to incorporate Da Kine Hawaiian into their cooking, the Spicy Rub proves to be a gourmet seasoning suitable for any dish, at any stage of cooking. The trio of hot sauces adds an extra kick to a variety of meals, from eggs and pizza to sandwiches. To inspire culinary adventures, Da Kine Hawaiian encourages visitors to explore their website and Instagram for an array of recipes and ideas. The sauces are known for enhancing everything from breakfast staples to dinner favorites with a simple sprinkle of the Spicy Rub or a dash of the hot sauces.

You can find Da Kine Hawaiian products at Safeway, Times, Don Quiote, Foodland, Longs, Commissaries, and the Swap Meet. 

Online shoppers can visit www.dakinehawaiian.net, using code LIKE20 for a 20% discount on their entire order. Orders of $50 or more qualify for free shipping!




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