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Smoked Beef Short Ribs

Smoked Beef Short Ribs


* 1 4-rib rack beef plate short ribs about 6 lbs
* Da Kine Hot Soy Sauce
* Da Kine Da Rub Seasoning
* Kosher Salt
* Wagyu Tallow

1. Lightly season rubs with salt and wrap with Saran Wrap, refrigerate overnight.
2. Drizzle Da Kine Hot Soy Sauce and evenly coat both sides of ribs.
3. Season with Da Rub seasoning on both sides and let rest for 30-60 minutes before placing in the grill.
4. Preheat grill to 250 degrees for indirect cooking.
5. Once internal temp hits 165 degrees, pull off grill and drizzle Wagyu Tallow and wrap with butcher paper.
6. Place back onto grill and cook until IT hits 200-203 degrees, until thermometer probes goes in like butter.
7. Let rest for 1-2 hours before serving.

Recipe courtesy of our friend @bt.cooks