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Da Kine Pulled Pork Sandwich

Da Kine Pulled Pork Sandwich

A.K.A. "Da Bomber Sandwich"



  1. May use store bought Kalua Pig or make your own pulled pork.
  2. Season pork with Da Kine Hawaiian Smoky Rub.
  3. Toast French Roll in oven or on grill.
  4. Put pulled pork on French Roll.
  5. Drizzle with Da Kine Hawaiian Smoky BBQ Sauce or any of our BBQ Sauces.
  6. Top with Da Kine Hawaiian Coleslaw. To make the Coleslaw, mix equal amounts of Da Kine Hawaiian Pineapple Syrup and Da Kine Hawaiian Island Dressing with the slaw. If you like it creamy, add a tablespoon or so of mayonnaise.