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Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Fan submitted!

Thank you, @flipsterbbq.





  • Pork butts
  • Mustard
  • Trio of Da Kine Hawaiian Rubs -- Original, Spicy, and Smoky
  • Cherry Dr. Pepper

Directions per @flipsterbbq:

I start by scoring the fat side
- I use mustard as a binder
- season with @dkhawaiian trio of original, smoky, and spicy rub (discount link in bio)
- set my @traegergrills Ironwood 885 to 225 super smoke using @bearmountainbbq pellets gourmet blend
- place my @meatermade + into the pork butts and set the target temp at 165 (discount link in bio)
- closed the lid and went to bed…set my alarm so 4 hrs later I could spritz and rotate each one
- I use Cherry Dr Pepper to spritz
- sprayed again 2 hrs later and about every hour til I wrapped them in foil
- pulled them off when they hit about 165 internal temp.
- sprayed down the half pans and spritz the pork butts one last time before I wrap in foil and back in they go
- recent my meater thermometer target temp to 205
- once they were probe tender, I took them off and let it air out for about 5 mins to help recent the bark
- foiled them all up again and put them all in my @cambromfg go boxes to rest
- after a couple hours, pulled the bones out, and shredded them all like butter
- the last step is pouring those juices all over the top

These are usually about a 12-15 hr process but it’s always a hit and I bring all my @dkhawaiian BBQ sauces with me for the final touch!

Everyone has their version or way they make these. Love to hear how you do yours!