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Pineapple Turkey

Pineapple Turkey

An amazing Pineapple Turkey recipe from our friend @eastmeetspnw

Watch the video below or visit @eastmeetspnw for the details.



From the original post --


We went full island style with this recipe for @dkhawaiian Thanksgiving recipe contest 🌴🌺🦃🍗

If you’ve never made compound butter before, it’s AMAZING and so easy! We used a hand blender to mix 1 stick of butter with 2T of Da Kine Original Rub and mixed until mostly incorporated (I liked the marble look). Wrapped into a log with parchment paper and back into the fridge until tomorrow.

We brined the (9lb) turkey in a mixture of 1C Da Kine Pineapple Syrup and 1/4C of salt and enough cold water with ice cubes to cover the bird overnight in a cooler.

The next day we pulled the turkey out and let it air dry on a rack for an hour. We grilled a whole pineapple sliced into disks and marinated with Da Kine Original Rub. Once charred marks were achieved (about 20 minutes), the pineapple was chopped with a whole onion and added to the turkey’s cavity.

Preheat the oven 325°
The compound butter was sliced and placed under the turkey skin 🤤 Placed the turkey on a raised rack into a baking tray and add 4C of water to the bottom, with 2T of salt (this becomes the basting liquid while the bird cooks uncovered for about 3 hours - or until the thigh meat reaches 180°F).